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Highlands Festival Friday 24 May and Saterday 25 May 2013

The fifth edition of the Highlands Festival in the Dutch town of Amersfoort will take place on Friday May 24 and Saturday May 25, 2013  and combines excellent blues and rock with remarkable leisure and exquisite food.

The 2013 line up is almost ready with Ten Years After, Pat Travers Band, Tyler Bryant & The Shekdown, Moreland & Arbuckle, Ben Poole Band, Kris Pohlmann Band and many more. Click here for the full programm!

Tickets are on sale (www.ticketservice.nl) or click this link.

The festivals music programme is carefully organized, including both established artists and promising younger acts just starting out in their careers. The festival 
line-up is sure to appeal to any lover of blues and quality rock music. The acts that perform at Highlands Festival represent the present, past and future of blues and rock. While the headline acts are all from outside the Netherlands, a number of home-grown blues and rock performers will be taking the stage as well.

Quality and comfort

The Highlands Festival offers more than blues and rock alone: festival-goers will be treated to entertaining theatrical performances in between music acts. Visitors will also be able to browse around the festival shops to look for that elusive rare vinyl record or to pick up a copy of that CD they've been looking to buy for a while.
The Highlands Festival provides a varied and rich experience for any music lover.

The music festival is designed for blues and rock fans who are not only there for the music, but also appreciate a comfortable setting with a variety of facilities that ensure they will have a wonderful time. In addition to reveling in the sounds of classic and contemporary blues, visitors can sample a variety of delicious food and drink served by quality catering providers. The food and drink on offer includes perfect cappuccinos, choice of a variety of beers in the various bars and pubs, an extensive menu and an excellent wine list – all at reasonable prices.

The Highlands Festival caters to a broad audience of music lovers who also value comfort and the opportunity to meet and interact with others, and who will enjoy exploring the unique festival grounds. These grounds provide every possible amenity, including ample seating to allow visitors to sit down and take a break between performances. Highlands will provide an intimate atmosphere where visitors of any age are welcome and will feel welcome.

Ticket sales

Tickets are on sales, please follow this link.

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